Whether you are a present or past player, a current sponsor or  former sponsor, a one eyed supporter of the club or a Carlisle local who just loves a game of grass roots football, as well as every mother, father, partner, brother, sister, son or daughter and friend of anyone who has called this club home you are part of the Carlisle Cougars Family and we’re calling on everyone of you to join us and become part of the Cougar Family as members. 


For $50  you will be entitled to access to all the benefits of being part of our club that until now has been reserved for players. This includes discounted rates on food and drink on game days and events, discounts on services from local businesses and sponsors, access to special Carlisle members only activities, and invitations to all club events at membership prices. All Carlisle Life Members will receive 40% off with Memberships at $20.

Please                      To register and follow the instructions below;

1. If you are a Non Playing member, Please select "MISC" in the "Regestering As" field.


 2. When asked to fill in the "Why did you register to play football" and "AFL Recruitment - Nat       Field" questions please just choose "Other".

Once Registered please deposit your Membership Fee in the account below with the following description "Full Name-2020 Membership";

Bank : Westpac


BSB: 036-037

Account Number: 118293


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